I'm Valérie, your hostess.

Who are we?

I am Valerie and it is with my little family that my adventure with Le Clos Poulain began in March 2017. After a long and rich career in business, and having reached the end of my path, I needed to put back at the heart of my priorities what is important to me, namely the small simple pleasures and our quality of life. In the midst of reflecting on these new perspectives, by a happy coincidence, this charming old house imposed itself on us. Clearly, it chose us and entrusted us with the mission of bringing it back to life because it was a bit sleepy... I already knew that I wanted to welcome you there and create charming guest rooms and small vacation homes. From that moment on, we rolled up our sleeves, supported by our friends and family, we got to work and undertook the (big) work. The guest rooms Mathilde and Guillaume refer of course to William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, who deeply marked the history of our region of Bessin, and to his wife Mathilde, who according to the legend, embroidered the famous Bayeux tapestry. As for the Jeanne and Lucie gîtes, I am making a small nod to my family history, especially to my father Jean and my grandmother Lucienne... My wish is to share with you, in a friendly atmosphere in all simplicity, the quietness of our house in the country, the peace and quiet, the singing of the birds, our flowered garden, the richness of our Normandy heritage, the beauty of our region, the history that has been built over the decades We wish you a warm welcome. Valerie and Reginald Quentin and Albane